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Scott & Ariane have been guiding outdoor hiking treks for years. Follow their funny yet educational stories and experiences as they share "everything outdoors". From backpacking the Appalachian Trail to the Grand Canyon. You never know who they will meet along the way. If you embrace Mother Nature, this show is for you. Trust The Trail will inspire you to connect with the outdoors in a whole new way.

105 Ultra Lightweight Tents: Your Sleep System

This is the third part of a three part series on choosing what an ultra light weight tent means to you and how to choose the right one. We share with you a tip in making your ultra lightweight tent worth the “weight” and investment. On the first 2 episodes of this series we discussed what to look for, how it should fit your lifestyle, double wall vs single wall – though this is where the rubber (OR SHOULD I SAY MATERIAL) meets the road. What good is an ultra lightweight tent if the rest of your sleep system doesn’t compliment your investment?

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What we talk about:

  • “Quote UnQuote”
  • The life of a REI employee “What’s the BEST?”
  • Buying a house is like buying a tent? What?
  • Caving and Hypothermia, what does that have in common with Tents?
  • Wanna save weight? It’s your Sleeping Pad!

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