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206 A Little Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Advise for 2022

On this episode we share a little Appalachian Trail advise for our 2022 Thru-Hikers. Thousands of potential AT Thru Hikers make their long journey each year trying to accomplish a complete end to end hike on our Country’s iconic trail. What is the most important piece of gear? We also gear test and discuss Altai Hok’s Snowshoe. A hybrid snowshoe that acts like a snowshoes but glides like a ski. We test it in Yellowstone National Park in Winter and share if it is better than traditional snowshoes for Winter Hiking

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What We Talk About:

Bison Carcass but beautiful Bald Eagles

Limpy the Coyote got game

Advise from a Thru-Hiker to a Thru-Hiker

It’s your attitude damn it!

Be Grateful and Enjoy

Snowshoe VS Hok

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