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Best Backpacking Podcast’s 2018

There is nothing better than listening to a fun, entertaining, yet educational podcast while you’re passing time hiking along the trail. Or better yet, prepping for that epic backpacking adventure you have so long waited for. Having coffee at your local coffee shop with your earbuds in suddenly realizing you are laughing out loud at some unique, (but common) trail story. 

That’s why we have put together our favorite Backpacking Podcast’s in 2018. Our criteria was simple. Each podcast we listened to not only had to give relative value to the subject a person listens too, i.e backpacking. But is also to the point and has some flare. The biggest factor however in making our list was:  Did the podcast or series of podcast inspire, motivate? Did it make us want to go backpacking?

Of course, everyone has their own idea of what a “good podcast” is. Some like a humorous approach, while others like structured, and even others like bantering to the point of oblivion. We listened to Solo Podcasters, Co-Host’s, and even Group Podcasters. If your podcast made it in our Podcatcher on a regular basis, then we listen no matter what, we just love ya.  Some Podcast’s we listened to dealt a lot with beer, craft beer, getting drunk, and almost a unrecognizable banter between two Host’s. They did NOT make our list.  We also gave a huge thumbs up, if the Host or Host’s were credible. 

These are the top Backpacking Podcast’s of 2018 that we totally recommend. Whether you are a new Backpacker or someone who is looking to accomplish a Thru-Hike in 2019, these are the ones you should be downloading to your favorite smart phone app. 

  1. Trust The Trail Podcast with Scott & Ariane – 2003 Appalachian Thru-Hiker and Former Ice/Rock Climber, Scott and Ariane share stories about backpacking adventures as outdoor Guides, long distance backpacking, and outdoor adventures. Each week they discuss tips, and stories from the trail. 
  2. Backpacking & Blisters with Derick and Carl –  A podcast for newbies to grizzled veterans of the trail. Each week a new themed episode is released addressing a range of camping, hiking, and backpacking topics. Very entertaining and has great value of what NOT to do. 
  3. Backpacking Light Podcast from – The Backpacking Light Podcast explores the technology, gear, skills, and philosophy of backcountry wilderness travel through stories, interviews, and investigative reports. One of our favorites and Ryan Jordan has been around for a long time with years of lightweight experience 
  4. The Dirt Bag Diaries with Fitz Cahall From paddling and backpacking to road trips and skiing, The Dirtbag Diaries covers it all. We love this podcast because it’s authentic and has some great topics. 
  5. Out There with Willow Belden – This podcast explores important questions through intimate stories in the great outdoors. Out There is hosted by former Wyoming Public Radio reporter Willow Belden, whose experience of thru-hiking the Colorado Trail gave her a fresh perspective on storytelling. This is a very easy to listen podcast with a great deal of thought behind each episode. “It’s one of my favorites” – Ariane
  6. National Park If you love our National Parks then you are going to really enjoy this podcast. Very informative and educational. Each story highlights the history, culture, geography, and wildlife found within the park. 
  7. The First 40 Miles with Heather Legler and Josh Legler – Heather and Josh share what’s it’s like to connect with the trail NOT as experts, but as people who just love the outdoors. They put a lot of passion into their episodes, and that is why we listen to them. Very enjoyable. 

Did we forget one? If you listen to a podcast we didn’t mention, post it in comments and we’ll listen to a few episodes. There is always next year. 

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In 2003 I completed a Thru-Hike on the Appalachian Trail. Since then I have over 12,000 miles underfoot and 20 years of backpacking, and camping experience. Certifications include WFA, WFR, LNT Trainer, and belong to AORE. Have been guiding backpacking trips for over 10 years. The outdoors has taught me one thing. Trusting the Trail! really does provide everything a person needs.

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