Trust The Trail Podcast

When Should You Cache Water?

Often when we hit the trail for a overnight or multi day trip we plan how and where we will ...
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How To Layer Your Clothes For Winter Hiking

If you are like us, there is nothing better than getting outside in the Winter and feeling that cool brisk ...
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Choosing Hiking Shoes

The Footwear Dilemma

One of the most common questions we get when people get interesting in hiking or backpacking is: what is the ...
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Trust The Trail Podcast

The Superior Hiking Trail

The Superior Hiking Trail is a gem of a long-distance trail along 300+ miles Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior ...
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Best Backpacking Podcast 2020

New To Backpacking?

As new hikers or backpackers, it sometimes feels like we don’t know enough, aren’t fit enough, aren’t fast enough, or ...
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How to Pack for Fall Backpacking

How To Pack Clothing For Colder Temps

Weather can change pretty fast on the trail. As we found out backpacking in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in ...
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How to set up a tent in the rain

How To Set Your Tent Up In The Rain

This is probably our number #1 question we get when we get ready to guide a trip. As a matter ...
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How To Beat The Heat of Summer

Anytime you plan a hike or backpacking trip in the Summer, it's gonna be hot at some point. Especially if ...
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Trust The Trail Backpacking Trips

The Jacks River Falls Trail

There are many amazing waterfalls to hike to in Northern Georgia, but none of them will take your breath away ...
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Standing Indian Mountain Loop Appalachian Trail

Very close to the Georgia, North Carolina Border starts the Natahala National Forest and some amazing backpacking opportunities. Of course, ...
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Jakes Creek Loop GSMNP

One of the great advantages of Tennessee is that you have the Great Smoky Mountain National Park as a part ...
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Backpacking Podcasts 2020


Each year we listen to a ton of different Podcast's to inspire us and to just laugh a little. We ...
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