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Scott & Ariane have been guiding outdoor hiking treks for years. Follow their funny yet educational stories and experiences as they share "everything outdoors". From backpacking the Appalachian Trail to the Grand Canyon. You never know who they will meet along the way. If you embrace Mother Nature, this show is for you. Trust The Trail will inspire you to connect with the outdoors in a whole new way.

Episode 85: Leader Of The Pack

On this episode we share tips on how to lead a group(s) in the outdoors.  Whether it’s as an Organizer of a hiking club or just with your own family and friends. We ask you, what exactly is the responsibility of a trip leader?  As always, we share WITH YOU our OWN experiences having guided our own trips for years. Do we have some funny stories.

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What we talk about:

  • “you have a bee sting where?
  • “he’s going rouge”
  • Don’t trust Scott’s wooden arrows
  • It’s always a TEAM effort
  • Never let the person caring the car keys get lost

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Episode 85: Leader Of The Pack