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Scott & Ariane have been guiding outdoor hiking treks for years. Follow their funny yet educational stories and experiences as they share "everything outdoors". From backpacking the Appalachian Trail to the Grand Canyon. You never know who they will meet along the way. If you embrace Mother Nature, this show is for you. Trust The Trail will inspire you to connect with the outdoors in a whole new way.

Episode 96: Mental Preparation for the Appalachian Trail

This is the second segment of a three part series on HOW TO PREPARE for a Thru-Hike on the Appalachian Trail. On this episode it’s all about THE MENTAL GAME. WHY? Because us Thru Hikers are a crazy bunch of people to hike through 14 states and over 2,100 miles…just to touch a sign. And, the only person playing this mental game is YOU. So let’s get to it

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What we talk about:

  • PREP? You don’t need no stinkin prep. You have been prepping your whole life
  • One word that describes how to prep for a through hike
  • STOP watching YOUTUBE video’s. Be your own adventure
  • Hiking alone can suck
  • The difference between Expectations VS Reality

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