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Grand Canyon North Rim Adventure

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Date(s) - 05/17/2020 - 05/22/2020

North Rim, Jacob Lake Arizona

North Rim


Epic, Amazing, Beautiful, these are just a few words that describe this trip. A bucket list adventure that you don’t want to miss. Four nights and Five days deep in the Grand Canyon from the North Rim. If you want a true adventure, and not see all the tourists, this trip is for you.

From the North Rim we will traverse down to pre-historic rock formations called the Esplanade and camp in a Cave. From the Esplanade it’s down the “Red Wall” and come across a massive river flowing out from the side of the canyon called Thunder River. (shortest river in the world) From there we cross Tapeats Creek twice and on to our second night, camping right along the Colorado River.

After traversing part of the Colorado River we’ll head to the “Patio” and a Oasis in the Desert. Deer Creek. We’ll make camp, and explore its beautiful terraces, narrows, and the magnificent Deer Creek waterfall. The following two days will be spent returning to the North Rim.

Backpacking: 6-11 miles; Elevation loss: 2,000-5,000′


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