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Date(s) - 05/10/2021 - 05/15/2021

Zion National Park, Springdale Utah

Zion National Park


Come camping with us in beautiful Utah as we get ready to hike and play in Zion National Park. This is a Meetup Event that will include Car Camping, Hiking in Zion National Park, and siting around the Campfire. If you have been to our Meetup Events in the Badlands and Sedona, you are in for a huge treat. We will be shuttling back and forth from Zion NP (only 20 minutes away) and be shuttled from the Visitors Center to hike Angels Landing.

We have shuttle permits for the following dates: May 11th, 12th, 13th and the 14th. This is the only access to the park and trails.

Description of the Event:

Angels Landing is one of the breathtaking hikes in Zion and has by far the most stunning viewpoints you will ever experience, but it’s not recommended for anybody with a fear of heights. Starting at the Grotto Trailhead, the hike to Angels Landing follows the longer West Rim Trail backpacking route up and out of the west side of the main canyon. Angels Landing is unique fin-like mountain formation that juts out to the center of the main canyon. The trail follows the narrow spine to the final viewpoint roughly 1500 feet above the canyon floor. This hike will take between 3-6 hours; your legs will burn, your knees may shake, and the view will take your breath away!

The Narrows is another of the most beautiful places you will ever see. This is for anyone who wants to see the best of the Zion Narrows, this is the route to do. Starting at the Temple of Sinawava (the last stop on the free Zion Canyon shuttle), we can hike up the Riverside Walk trail and then continue hiking right up the river to see some of the best “narrows” sections of the North Fork of the Virgin River.  We will hike up as far as we want to go and then turn around and retrace our steps. A side hike up Orderville Canyon is also a good detour to see even more amazing slot canyon scenery. As a round-trip hike, this can be as leisurely or strenuous as you wish to make it. This Hike will take at least 6 hours.

If you plan on doing both hikes, they will take a full day to do just one.

Both Hikes are rated Strenuous;

Both Hikes will take most of the Day


Shuttle Schedule is as follows. 

Number of Seats* (1)(5) May 11th – 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Number of Seats *(1)(5) May 12th – 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM 

Number of Seats (6) May 12th – 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Number of Seats (6) May 13th  – 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Number of Seats (6) May 14th – 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

We have a total of *28 seats. If you are looking to do both hikes that means you NEED to BOOK 2 seats.  One Seat Per Person Per Day.  The RED indicates backup or standby seats that may become available on the 10th.

*We are saving 4 seats on the 11th and 12th just incase the Narrows are closed. Backpackers that have booked the Narrows backpacking trip will still be able to hike Angles Landing on 11th or 12th.

This will be a Base Camp Itinerary as we have multiple days to hike in Zion. 

Please arrive no later than May 12th by late afternoon. So we can organize the next two days. For those arriving earlier you can have your choice of shuttle permits for Tuesday. 

May 11th, 12th, 13th & May 14th

Each morning we will drive to Zion National Park entrance where we will show our permits for that day. You have an opportunity to choose which day and which trip you want to do. 

Each day will take at least 6 hours to hike either Angles Landing or the Narrows. So plan accordingly. We will always stop for lunch and take multiple breaks. After each hiking day and exploring the park, we return to base camp outside the National Park. 

On Saturday the 12th and 13th and 14th we will chill at camp and people can either stay or leave on Saturday. We are leaving on Saturday morning. 

Angels Landing

The trailhead is at the bridge across the road of the Grotto Picnic Area, in Zion Canyon. The first part of the hike follows the West Rim Trail, which is clearly identified by a sign. The trail is broad and well maintained. The first section is fairly level as it follows the river and then crosses the canyon bottom. Switchbacks allow the trail to climb the canyon wall up to Refrigerator Canyon. The aptly named canyon is pleasantly cool, scenic, and features easy terrain. The trail then climbs another series of switchbacks called Walter's Wiggles. These 21 switchbacks are very tight and hikers gain elevation rapidly, but this section is short and not too oppressive.

The Wiggles put you on top of the ridge, at Scout Lookout, where the views are truly amazing. Restrooms are available here, but no drinking water. From Scout Lookout, gaze at the ridge to the south and you'll get a good idea of the difficulty of the rest of the hike. For the final half-mile, the trail follows the ridge across a saddle and up the Hogsback. This is where things get just a tad hairy and you become very grateful for the bolted-in chains. For those who are comfortable with both heights and the terrain ahead, the destination is well worth the adventurous route to get there. From Angels Landing Summit you can enjoy one of the finest views in all of Zion National Park. That means it’s one of the best views in Utah, which means it’s one of the best views in the world.


AT ANY TIME Zion National Park can and will cancel hikes due to weather. 

IMPORTANT: No description of Angels Landing would be complete without a stern warning about how strenuous and exposed this hike is. If you are out of shape and don't feel very balanced on your feet, or you have young children who like to run around out of control, this hike is NOT for you.

• Do not hike if you have a fear of heights
• This hike may not be suitable for young children or those not in good physical shape • Stay on the trail
• We keep an eye on the weather before and during our hike
• Wait your turn to pass other hikers

Other Tips:
• Bring sunscreen/water.
• Get a bathroom break in before heading up
• Wear the right shoes (traction, traction, traction!)
• We will try and hike earlier in the morning to avoid extreme weather and crowds

The Narrows: 

On this hike we will see the best of the Zion Narrows, this is the route to do. Starting at the Temple of Sinawava (the last stop on the free Zion Canyon shuttle), we can hike up the Riverside Walk trail and then continue hiking right up the river to see some of the best "narrows" sections of the North Fork of the Virgin River. You do not need a wilderness permit to hike the Narrows this way.  Now the fun begins -- it's time to start hiking right in the water! 

For the majority of the day, you will be hiking in knee to waist deep water with the riverbed alternating between sections of sand and sections with a lot of loose rocks and boulders. Hiking poles (or a stick) as well as good footwear will be invaluable. 

The difficulty of hiking the Zion Narrows is greatly affected by water flow. A flow below 50cfs indicates relatively easy hiking conditions while flow above 100cfs can be difficult and dangerous. The Wilderness Desk will not issue a permit for the Zion Narrows if waterflow is above 120cfs. Also note that hiking is much more difficult when the water is murky (like chocolate milk) several days after flash floods. Not being able to see rocks under the water's surface can really slow you down.

Flash Flood Warning:
No description of the Narrows would be complete without a stern warning about the danger of flash floods. 

At anytime Rangers in Zion can cancel this hike due to weather. 


Angels Landing: 

Hiking Shoes: NO FLIP FLOPS

Water: At least 2 liters of water. This is a steep 1500 foot elevation gain. A day pack with a water platy sleeve or camelback might be a good idea

Sunscreen: You will be exposed and there is little to no shade. 

Hiking or Treking Poles: Do your knees a favor, save 30% of strain on them by using hiking poles. You have to climb down also. 

Light colored clothing. Wicking shirts and shorts. You will be sweating on this climb. 


Patience: There will be lots of others on the trail that have zero hiking experience. 


  1. Track pants, capris, zip-off pants, yoga pants, or hiking pants

  2. Long underwear. No cotton under the dry pants or drysuits. (Under Armor®, Capilene® etc.)

  3. Light rain/wind jacket

  4. Fleece jacket for the cool mornings

  5. Warm/knit hat/beanie

  6. Warm gloves

  7. DRY CLOTHES to change in. Dry shorts, shirt, sandals. You might still want to explore the park. 

Additional GEAR

  • Drinking-Water (1.5 liters/person/4 hours - minimum)

  • Food - Half-Day - trail mix, food bars, jerky, etc. Be creative but leave the bags of chips, bananas and junk food at home.

  • Food - Full-Day - Cold-cut wraps or sandwiches, trail mix, food bars, jerky, etc. Be creative but leave the bags of chips, bananas and junk food at home.

  • Camera / Smart Phone for pictures









Bookings are closed for this event.

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