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If you have listened to the Trust The Trail Podcast you know that our goal is to inspire you hit the trail and challenge you push get outdoors on an Adventure. We are a Podcast for EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Hikers. Backpackers. Campers.  Paddlers.  Adventurers. We invite you to come out on our Adventures with us, and see just how beautiful the outdoors can be. More imporatantly that you learn to Trust the Trail and have some fun.

Planning an Outdoor Adventure or even week long backpacking trip can be tough. Where do you even start? With accurate information, we break down the mis information that prevents you from creating your OWN Adventure, or going on that first overnight trip into the Wilderness.  Whether you’re a outdoor newbie or have trekked all around the world, Trust The Trail Podcast is the place you’ll find reliable information, trip reports, and useful tips to help you with your adventure  – so you can stop making excuses and start spending more time outside. Let's GO!


The Gear we LOVE and the GEAR that is quality. Based on years of knowledge and use.

FIRST,  you need the RIGHT GEAR for getting outside. NOT the BEST gear, but gear that is right for YOU.  Quality gear should last you a long time and make your time in the outdoors more enjoyable. Whether you need gear for an upcoming weekend trip, a long-distance hike, or a trip abroad we have plenty of recommendations.


Need help with the basics? A great place to start is Scott & Ariane's Gear List. We also have “How to Choose” guides to walk you through important things to consider when making large purchases along with providing a list of our go-to items. 

Skills: Bootcamp

Get outside, explore, and have some fun. From first-timers to advanced tips we’re all about making the trails accessible to all. Whether it's backpacking with friends, or getting ready for a Long Distance Hike, we’ve plenty of helpful blog posts to support you. If you are brand new to the outdoors, start with our Backpacking Bootcamp Post's

Here are our favorite posts for building your gear closet:

Trips: Where to Go

The first step is deciding WHERE to go. It's also the first Principal in Leave No Trace. Plan and Prepare. Our goal is to provide detailed trip reports and INVITE you to come with us. We do ALL the planning for you in most of our trips and destinations.  Whether you want to backpacking the Grand Canyon or Southern Utah’s national parks, backpack on the John Muir Trail, a road trip, or plan to Thru Hike the Appalachian Trail,  We've got posts that will save you time and simplify the adventure planning process.

Here are some of our favorite

spots to check out:

The Okefenokee Swamp – Georgia

Isle Royale NP – Michigan

Pictured Rocks – Michigan

Sycamore Wilderness Canyon – Arizona

Grand Canyon North Rim – Arizona


State by State we explore some of the trails we have been on.

Trail Responsibility Information

If you have listened to our Podcast, you know how important this is to us and to the trail community. As more people discover the benefits of the outdoors, it’s crucial that you take the time to educate yourself on Leave No Trace and and adhere to their principals. This means keeping our trails in good condition and respecting nature so others that follow you don't have to pick up a mess.

Not sure what Leave No Trace is? We have a put together resources for you. Please take the time to read them and even better, share them with your friends so we can help spread the word about Leave No Trace.

How to Leave No Trace:

  • Trail Etiquette: The Basic Rules of Hiking
  • How to Poop Outdoors: A Step By Step Guide to Leave No Trace
  • How to Pick a Campsite & Leave No Trace
  • Responsible Boating: Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species
  • What are Rock Cairns & Why You Shouldn’t Build Them
  • How to Have a Safe Campfire & Leave No Trace

Skills: Food Prep

Packing Food is one of the most daunting items to pack in your food bag. What to bring? How to pack it? AND, will I even like it? We give you tips and tricks and a little science behind how to bring a healthy meal into the backcounty WITHOUT adding the pounds into your pack.

Here are some inspiration reads to get you outdoors & having fun:

  • Finding Health & Happiness Through the Outdoors
  • No More Excuses: Breaking Down The Top Barriers to the Outdoors
  • 10 Outdoor Career Paths that Offer More Time Outside
  • What it means to be a True Force of Nature
  • 11 Ways to Connect with Other Outdoor Women
  • 5 Ways to Connect with Nature in your Everday Life

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