Trust The Trail Ambassador

We love our Podcast Community so much, we want you to be a part of our weekly podcast. We are inviting you to be a Trail Ambassador for us. Share a short trail report, or gear review so we can include it on Trust The Trail Podcast. 

A short 5 minute recording on a cool trail or a beautiful view you saw, or a piece of gear (even a DIY) that you have fallen in love with and just have to share. Don’t be shy, share your trail love and be our favorite Trail Ambassador. 

Our Trail Ambassador Policy:

  • Keep your trail/gear report under 5 minutes.
  • Please try and keep it PG rated.
  • You give us permission to share your recording on Trust The Trail podcast.
  • Please be patient, it may take a few episodes to be featured.
  • We may edit your audio for quality and time

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Become a part of our Community