We are NOT normal Podcaster’s

When you think of Podcaster’s you probably envision people sitting in a studio with professional equipment with some sort of hanging microphone sitting across from each other. Usually some sort of controversial subject matter or debate. Well, we are NOT those Podcaster’s.

Our Microphone is mobile. Yep, we are not sitting in a studio across from each other with a producer in a glass room, pointing their finger and signaling us “ON AIR”. Nope.  We actually do a lot of our podcasting outdoors in a tent, and sometimes in our sleeping bags. No professional equipment, no studio (well, except for the stars above which means are studio ROCKS) We feel that if you are doing a podcast about the outdoors, well, maybe you should be outdoors.

Sometimes we are at home (with our lovely dented microphone) and recording our podcast. But that’s not fancy either. In fact, sometimes it’s in a 1976 vintage Airstream Argosy. Not quite the ideal acoustic for sound quality. More times than we would like to admit that during recording, our dogs seem to feel ignored and pick that exact time to start lapping up water out of their dog dish OR bring us a play toy as if to say “you’re not that important people”. Our favorite time though was when we were recording in our tent and actually heard some sort of noise next to our tent. We did pause and investigate. See what “normal” Podcasters are missing? They don’t get the wildlife walking around their studio.

We have recorded podcast’s on the Appalachian Trail, in a 120 year old cabin, a State Park, National Forest, a Wilderness Area, and while Ariane was backpacking in 90 mile per hour winds in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in 2017. Again, we are not normal.

But what have we learned through our journey of sharing the Trust the Trail Podcast. We have learned that trusting the trail is so much more that just hiking a trail. It’s so much more to trust that the journey is exactly where you need to be in your life. That’s why we love doing our podcast and being a little “un-normal”.

So next time you hear two people laughing and sharing trail stories in a tent….that be us.

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In 2003 I completed a Thru-Hike on the Appalachian Trail. Since then I have over 12,000 miles underfoot and 20 years of backpacking, and camping experience. Certifications include WFA, WFR, LNT Trainer, and belong to AORE. Have been guiding backpacking trips for over 10 years. The outdoors has taught me one thing. Trusting the Trail! really does provide everything a person needs.

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