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108 Live Long and Prosper Backpacker

We sit down with Judy Gross, CEO of Light Heart Gear, to share with YOU her unforeseen journey and how she went from an Appalachian Trail Backpacker to Tent Manufacturer. Her personal story, now 10 years in the making, initiated with a little bit of trail envy, a tenacious attitude and OF COURSE an introduction to the color purple.

“invest in what you know”

were the words once spoken to her, IGNITING the spark.

In her own words:

“I know sewing and I know backpacking”

THE REST…is how a highly notable lightweight tent manufacturer made their start in the marketplace.

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What we talk about:

  • Jean luc picard is coming back to kick some Star Trek ass
  • Judy was asked to make purple, so she made purple
  • To seam seal or to not seam seal, that is the question
  • Cuban Fiber was originally made for sail boats
  • Judy loved the show Firefly, thus the name of one of her tents

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