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Here on our Outdoor Adventure page, you can find location you are interested in hiking or backpacking. The majority of our locations are  focused on availability and location. We don’t cover ALL States but that is our Goal.

We are constantly updating this page so please bookmark it. Each trail has been hiked or explored by us or one of our Contributors. We don’t publish what we haven’t explored ourselves. 

If you have a place that you would like featured on our Adventure Page, let us know.  All Backpacking Trails, Campgrounds, and Day Hikes are welcome.

Backpacking South Dakota


The most popular time to visit South Dakota is during the summer, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when families ...


Tennessee offers some of the best all around outdoor activities anywhere. From White Water Rafting, to Hand Gliding, to amazing ...

Backpacking Adventure Trips


When we hike in North Carolina it NEVER disappoints. Like Waterfalls? You have come to the right State. North Carolina ...


Michigan is an absolutely wonderful destination to put your pack on a do some extreme backpacking and camping. Of course ...


Georgia has some of the best all around hiking and backpacking trails in the entire Country. Even Paddlers love Georgia ...


Arizona has some of the best outdoor adventures in the Country, including the Grand Canyon. Along with some trails that ...

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