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Episode 57: May Your Gear Be With You

On this episode we talk about being ONE with your gear.  Discussing how we’ve chosen our current gear based on our trail lifestyle and how that comfortably works to create an effortless and enjoyable backpacking experience. Not everyone’s trail lifestyle is the same and on a long distance hike – it truly becomes a lifestyle. And so, this week, we come to you from underneath our tarp in a rain storm sharing with you our own personal choices in gear and why we choose them. We recorded this podcast out on the trail, so the audio is a bit rough, but we feel that is the best way to inspire our listeners.

We also talk about:

  • On a long distance hike, it IS a Lifestyle change
  • Always test your gear
  • Keep an open mind about what is best for you instead of peer pressure
  • Tarp tenting is our lifestyle (our dogs love it also)
  • Scott & Ariane’s Backpacking Gear List

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Episode 57: May Your Gear Be With You