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Episode 98 Life After a Thru Hike

On this episode we talk to Appalachian Thru-Hiker Heather Bolint, aka “Mama Cluck” about life AFTER her Appalachian Trial THRU hike. She shares how taking a 6 month break while managing a Hostel in Southern Georgia inspired her to get back out there and hike YET again. Her stamina and passion as a thru-hiker BRINGS her NOW to partner with Bryan Galvin for AN EVEN larger CAUSE while hiking over 1200 miles of Florida’s Coastline. This time around she’s not carrying a ROOSTER; but instead PLASTIC.

Most of US already practice LEAVE NO TRACE while in the wilderness, BUT do WE associate these efforts BEYOND the TRAIL? Here is our interview with the 2 people BEHIND the PASSION of PlasTrak for Plastic Awareness 2019 – Heather Bolint and Bryan Galvin.

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What we talk about:

  • Should you trust a AT Thru-Hiker?
  • Plastic awareness get’s debunked
  • Plastic is really really bad on the beach
  • Bryan gives the FACTS

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