If you plan on backpacking from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. You should be prepared to encounter extreme weather changes. From cold and snow to hot and sweaty. Also be prepared to cache water on your way down, only to pick it up when you go back up. Significant elevation change. Here is the GEAR we SUGGEST.

Personal Clothing:

 Hiking boots – well broken in!! Mid-weight boots with ankle support are best.
Sport sandals – consider Keen®, Teva® or Chaco® brands. These are for camp comfort as well as walking/hiking through water.
Lightweight long pants/trousers – for sun protection and warmth during cooler parts of the day.
(the best long pants are the one’s that zip at the knee to make them short pants)
1 bathing suit (Cheap Nylon bathing shorts also work as an extra pair of hiking shorts if it get’s hot).
 2 pair of Underwear – Men’sWomen’s
2 tee shirtsWomen’s 1 cotton is great for warm weather hiking, and 1 nylon/synthetic is best for cold months
2 pairs of hiking socks – consider Smartwool®, Fox River® or similar. NO cotton socks! Synthetic or wool is best.
Lightweight jacket or sweater – for warmth. Fleece or down is excellent and lightweight! Expect temps to fall at night. Could reasonably get down to 35 degrees. OR Puffy Jacket.
 Rain shell – lightweight & breathable Men’sWomen’s
 Wide brim hat (No Baseball hat’s, the back of your neck needs to be protected)
 Sunglasses

Spring/Fall/Winter (Mid October to April):

Spring, fall and winter temperatures vary greatly from day to night and from sun to shade. The day time temperatures can be warm with the night temperatures dropping near or below freezing. It’s best to be prepared for both mild days and cool nights. Dressing in layers is the key to warmth and comfort.

 **Warm hat & gloves (gloves are optional)
 **Down jacket or additional fleece (see above)
 **1 long sleeve synthetic or wool shirt – baselayer insulation (midweight)

Personal Items:

 Toothbrush and toothpaste (travel size)
 A small packet of tissues (toilet paper) We practice LNT
 Sunblock cream (SPF 30 or higher)
 Personal medication (ibuprofen, antihistamine, antacid, etc). If you suffer from severe allergic reactions, you MUST bring an Epi Pen!

Mandatory Gear:

 At least a 65 Liter Backpack
 Capacity to carry 3 liters of water (we recommend a 3 liter hydration pack plus a one liter water bottle)
 Flashlight or headlamp
30 Degree Down Sleeping Bag. Synthetic is ok, but a little heavier)
Sleeping Pad
Lightweight Tent
Hiking Poles
Stove and Cookware
Water Filtratio

Additional Items:

 Camera – extra batteries
 Lip balm
 Bandana (good to use as a cloth or wipe to clean dishes or keep sweat out of your eyes)
 Knee brace (if you have knee problems)

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