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Welcome! We are Scott & Ariane part time Outdoor Guides and Host's of Trust the Trail Podcast. Our goal is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, then INSPIRE you to get outdoors on a Epic Adventure. GET THE LATEST INFO


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204 Let’s Change Things Up A Bit

  • February 3, 2022
On this episode we make a tweak in our show. It’s time for our listeners to chime in on topics LIVE and have a voice. more..

203 Moose Are Cranky Get Ready To Run

  • January 27, 2022
This is episode 203 Moose are Cranky “Be ready to run”. On this episode we report on some “Trail News” around the Country for the more..

202 A Conversation with Derek and Carl

  • January 13, 2022
On this episode we get a chance to sit down once again with Derek and Carl and chat about all things backpacking. Kind of. We more..

Our 2022 Backpacking Pack & Shelter Gear Guide

This last year (2021) we have traveled across the Country in some pretty remote areas. From Mountains of Montana, to the deserts of..

Backpacking With Type 1 Diabetes Working Through The Fear

Written by Amy Tappendorf “What was your favorite part?” It’s a common question I get after returning from a backpacking trip. The thing..


Lung capacity is a critical factor in your ability to conquer long trails or climb to high elevations. When I climbed Longs Peak..

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